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We Offer You Peace of Mind For Your Special Day

Fantasies of the perfect wedding never include a storm shutting down airports, a busted pipe flooding a hotel kitchen, the venue going out of business, lost or stolen wedding jewelry, damaged or missing gowns, your photos getting damaged, or a sudden illness of the bride, groom or their parents.

Since all the careful planning in the world can’t prevent the many things that are beyond our control, for as little as $160, your wedding insurance policy can make things right, when something goes wrong.

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Special Events

If you, your company or your organization is hosting a fundraiser, seminar, festival, Bar Mitzvah, holiday party, concert, or any other type of event, you will want to consider Special Event Insurance.

Often the venue will require insurance, to protect them & you in case a guest is injured or causes damage to property. Even if you are not required by a venue to purchase this coverage, you should always consider purchasing protection whenever you are hosting an event.

We have numerous companies at our disposal that handle Special Events, so whatever type of special event you may have, we can accommodate you. Call us today.

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