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Warehousing & Distribution

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The expanding global economy has created a significant need for modern warehousing and distribution of a vast array of products and goods. Many transporters are expanding beyond traditional delivery services as ease of doing business and logistics have become more critical to success. However, with this expansion, the warehousing and distribution of customer goods has become more vulnerable to the risks of fire, flood, and theft. A warehouser is liable for damages for loss of or injury to goods if he is deemed to have failed to exercise reasonable caution.

Insurance, Inc. has considerable experience in the special needs of the warehousing and distribution industry and has developed the necessary expertise to protect you against the following exposures:

  • General Liability
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Building and Personal Property
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Property in Transit
  • Business Income/Extra Expense

General Liability

General Liability insurance provides protection from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. This insurance covers:

The duty to defend – triggered when the insured is sued and tenders defense of the claim to its insurer.

The duty to indemnify – the duty to pay all sums for which the insured is held liable, up to a set policy limit.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is necessary for anyone who has to utilize multiple vehicles for the distribution of goods from the warehouse. Fleet insurance can be split into three main categories:

Comprehensive Fleet Insurance – this covers any accidental damage to your own vehicles and other vehicles and property.

Third Party Insurance – this covers damage to other vehicles and injury to other people, but not to owned vehicles.

Third Party Fire and Theft – this type of insurance is the same as your basic Third Party insurance, with the addition of coverage for fire and theft.

Building and Personal Property

Building and Personal property insurance policies offer coverage that fit into one of three categories: building, business personal property and personal property of others. Coverage for a building is commonly provided by the building’s owner.

Building coverage – normally includes coverage for permanently installed fixtures, machinery and equipment.

Personal Property coverage – normally includes the personal property owned by an insured, labor, materials, or services furnished on property of others, leased personal property and a tenants use interest in improvements and betterment to the property. Personal property of others coverage – applies when an insured holds someone’s property in their care, custody, or control. This type of coverage is commonly referred to as bailee’s coverage.

Workers Compensation

In distribution and warehousing facilities, workers spend almost all of their time moving and handling activities. As a result, they are constantly in danger of injury. Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides medical care for employees who are injured in the course of employment, in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of their right to sue the employer for the tort of negligence.

Employee Dishonesty

Employee dishonesty insurance protects the employer from financial loss due to the fraudulent activities of an employee or group of employees. For a loss to be covered, the employer must suffer financial loss and the employee must either obtain financial benefit from the act or direct financial benefit to another person or organization. The loss can be the result of the employee’s theft of money, securities, or other property of the insured. Most employee dishonesty insurance policies are written on a blanket basis so that all employees are covered.

Property In Transit

Motor truck cargo liability insurance is intended to provide legal liability coverage for the insured when transporting property belonging to others. Under this coverage, the insured is the transporter and the covered property is the property of others that is being transported. Anyone transporting goods is responsible for the safe delivery of the goods being transported and owes a very high degree of care. This is commonly referred to as “Strict Liability”.

Business Interruption/Extra Expense

Business interruption insurance protects against losses resulting from a temporary shutdown caused by fire or other insured peril. Generally, business interruption insurance provides reimbursement for lost net profits and necessary continuing expenses. A business interruption policy can include extra expense coverage in case you have to carry on business at a different location because of insured damage at your original place of business.

See Insurance, Inc. for all your warehousing and distribution needs!

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