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Don’t Let Risk Rain on Your Business Success

In today’s society, the number of lawsuits filed against businesses grows every day. How often do you read about a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against a company? Without an Umbrella Policy, you may find that your insurance policy does not have high enough limits to cover a claim filed against you. For example, are you protected if something you do results in multiple people becoming hospitalized? Many business owners have been surprised to learn that their insurance limits are not sufficiently large to cover an expensive claim.

Purchasing an Umbrella Policy may be one of the most critical decisions a business or person can make, protecting the insured from a third-party catastrophic loss. Without such a policy, once the underlying limits in your primary policy have been exhausted, the injured party can seek compensation from your financial assets.

An Umbrella policy has three important functions:

  • To provide higher limits (more money) in the event of a large loss
  • To provide limits when an underlying policy’s aggregate limits have been exhausted
  • To provide broadened coverage not provided by underlying policies

Call an Insurance, Inc. agent today at 410-753-1900 to help you weigh your options and determine if an Umbrella Policy is right for you.

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