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Non Profits & Social Services

We Protect Your Mission to Serve Others

The fact that your organization lives to serve others regrettably does not protect you against the kinds of liabilities that for-profit companies face. As the head of a non-profit or social service agency, you should insure your company against many or all of the following types of risk:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Abuse & Molestation
  • International
  • Special Events
  • Transportation
  • Crime

We know that every dollar you save on insurance premiums is a dollar that can go toward furthering your mission, so we take pride in saving non profit organizations as much money as possible. To help us get the best program at the best possible price, we have aligned ourselves with several specialty programs to offer additional credits to 501©3 organizations.

Directors & Officers Liability

Do you have a board of directors? Did you know that you could be sued for errors, omissions, negligence, or other wrongful acts that occur in the course of your directors and/or officers performing their official duties for your entity? Thankfully, directors and liability insurance coverage protects you in this situation.

Directors and officers liability insurance is a specialized form of liability insurance covering legal expenses and damages to shareholders, members, bondholders, creditors, or others, for the personal legal liability of directors and officers of a corporation or a non-profit organization.

Regardless of what type of non-profit or association you are, if you have a board of directors, we can write appropriate coverage for your organization.

Abuse & Molestation

Abuse and molestation insurance provides defense and indemnity protection against claims arising from allegations of abuse and molestation. However, even as these cases become more prevalent, most organizations do not realize that these types of claims are typically excluded in regular insurance policies. This coverage protects you as the employer against alleged abuse and molestation claims made against your firm and includes your directors and officers.

Abuse & Molestation coverage can be extended to churches, day care facilities, orphanages, nursing homes, sports organizations, mental health services, schools, camps, school bus companies and community theatre/arts programs, among others.


International or Foreign Liability is coverage used when principals or employees of your organization travel outside of the United States. These employees may be temporarily or permanently located outside the United States. You may also need this coverage if you have a sales office or other operations, such as products sold or services rendered, outside the United States.

The standard liability policy does not cover many of the exposures to lawsuits or employee injury that may occur outside this country. Overseas jurisdictions often require separate policies and/or extensions of coverage. These foreign liability policies can extend to your automobile, general liability, workers compensation and employers liability, property, kidnap and extortion, accidental death and dismemberment, and emergency travel services overseas.


War Coverage for Scheduled countries

Live Services: One number to call for Medical, Personal, Legal and Travel Assistance Services, Concierge services and Emergency Medical & Political Evacuation/Repatriation Services

Coverage for Emergency Political Evacuation ($2,500 per covered person per event up to $10,000 policy limit)


Medical coverage on the International GL will only pay third party coverage, not first party coverage.

$1,000,000 Executive Assistance Limit (including Repatriation)


Whether you have a limousine business, charter bus company, garage operation, short or long haul trucking operation, railroad exposure, or any other type of business involving transportation, Insurance, Inc. has the expertise to guide you in selecting appropriate coverage for these risks. We can help you cover vehicles, cargo, workers compensation, physical damage and any other aspect of your business that involves a transportation risk.

Insurance, Inc. has a long history of successfully insuring companies with against these types of losses.


Insurance, Inc. works with a number of companies to handle insurance coverage for special events such as concerts, festivals, Bar Mitzvahs, shows, conventions, fundraisers, retirement parties, exhibitions, Christmas tree lots and seminars.

For most special events, regardless of type, we can provide coverage within a 24 hour period or sooner.


Crime coverage applies to Employee Dishonesty, Computer Fraud, Burglary or Robbery, Theft of Money and Securities, Forgery or Alteration, and Coverage for Cash (in the event of a fire).

Some policies include crime coverage as a throw-in limit. If your organization requires crime or excess crime coverage, we can address these exposures. We will guide you to selecting the appropriate coverage for the unique exposures faced by your organization.

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