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Food & Beverage

Don’t Let Your Profits Be Consumed by Liability

Liquor Liability

Most of us have heard at least one tragic story of someone who consumed too many alcoholic beverages in a bar, then got in their car and drove straight into oncoming traffic, killing the entire family in the other vehicle. Since most states hold servers of alcohol responsible for the actions of those they serve, the surviving relatives can easily sue the facility serving alcohol for damages.

How do you avoid a tragedy like this?

Understanding that eliminating alcohol is not an option, our experienced agents will work with you to help you reduce your liquor liability risk, including making sure that you have adequate coverage in the event that a claim is filed. This insurance is designed to defend you as the insured against charges of negligence related to the service of alcohol and indemnify you for your financial loss if legal liability is found.


Basic insurance polices do not cover perishables due to spoilage. If you experience an extended loss of power & have items that will become unusable or destroyed, then you should consider spoilage coverage. Spoilage exposures are common in restaurants and other food service risks, but a surprising number of other businesses also should consider this coverage, including bakeries, grocery & convenience stores, florists, cigar stores and pharmaceutical operations.

Food Poisoning Liability

Did you know that 76 million Americans are affected by food-borne illnesses every year? While most such illnesses are not life-threatening, there are many unfortunate cases where people have died from food poisoning.

Even the most responsible food provider can easily be pulled into a lawsuit involving food poisoning, which is why you cannot afford to operate without the necessary food liability coverage.

When pursuing these cases, attorneys typically seek a connection to as many “pockets” as possible. Lawsuits often name the establishment, the manufacturer, the distributor and others. Any entity making, selling or serving food needs this protection, especially because commercial general liability policies usually exclude coverage for any entity involved in one of these activities.

The experts at Insurance, Inc. can help you to minimize your risk by advising you about food safety guidelines, as well as ensuring that your insurance coverage is adequate in the event of a lawsuit.

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