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Equine & Other Animal Insurance

Protect Your Financial Investment in Both Horse and Home

Every time a horse comes in contact with people or property, its owners place themselves and their assets at risk of a lawsuit. For example, if your horse causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party, you are liable. Horse theft, death and humane destruction, as well as illnesses and injuries also can be costly when you own and insure a horse.

Insurance, Inc. specializes in horse-related insurance needs and our carriers are educated to properly serve the needs of specific breeds and/or disciplines. Together, our team can customize an equine insurance plan that works best for you and your four-legged friend, including:

  • Mortality
  • Major Medical
  • Surgical
  • Stallion Infertility
  • Loss of Use along with Farm
  • Commercial Equine Liability
  • Care, Custody and Control
  • Club Insurance Policies
  • Horse Show liability
  • Personal Horse Owners Liability
  • Farm Owners
  • Workmans Compensation
  • Cattle
  • Alpaca and Camelid coverage
  • Dogs

For more information, call our equine specialist to discuss your needs:

Susan Fox: 410-753-1856, 1-717-235-4036 PA office, or

The following forms from the Hartford Insurance Company can be completed on-line, and a copy will be received by Insurance Inc’s Equine department. However, these forms require signatures, and you should therefore also print, sign and mail the form to Insurance Inc.



  Horse Mortality applications w/vet exam
  Non Horse Mortality application
  Statement of Health – Horses
  Substantiation of Value
  American Bankers (ABIC) Farm Owners Application
  American Bankers (ABIC) Farm Owners Renewal
  American Bankers (ABIC) Personal Horse Owners Liability
  American Bankers (ABIC) Club Insurance, Liability
  American Bankers (ABIC) Care Custody & Control
  American Bankers (ABIC) Care Custody & Control Renewal
  American Bankers (ABIC) Commercial Equine Liability Renewal
  American Bankers (ABIC) Riding & Hunt Clubs
  American Bankers (ABIC) Horse Show Insurance
  Brethren Farm Application
  Markel Standard Mortality Application
  Markel Hassle Free Mortality Application
  Markel Declaration of health
  Markel Declaration of health – Renewal
  Markel Leased Horses – Justification of Value
  Markel Breeding Horses – Statement of Value
  Markel Showing Horses – Statement of Value
  Farm Signature Statement (BMIC) Flood


These forms should be completed, printed and mailed to the Equine Department at Insurance Inc. Please Mail forms to:

Susan Fox
Insurance, Inc.
BECO Towers II
10461 Mill Run Circle, Suite 1000
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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