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Protect Your Business Against Environmental Hazards

If you are in the environmental remediation business, whether as a contractor, consultant, or the owner of a site that could be deemed hazardous, your risk is higher than average. Fortunately, the insurance industry has had more than 30 years of experience dealing with environmental exposure risks, and broad coverage has become far more affordable. Our experienced agents can work with you to cost-effectively mitigate your risks.


Whether or not you are an environmental remediation firm, you have an exposure. Insurance, Inc. can help you find the package to cover your specific level of exposure.


Professional liability coverages are available for theft everything in between. Remediation design firm or the phase one study an

Site Exposures

Pollution found on your site and/or released from your site, affects many people besides you. Your neighbors, your contractors, your lenders, and potential buyers can all be involved. Fortunately, you can protect yourself in this event, often with a single policy.

In 1980, the federal government created the Comprehensive Environmental Recovery and Compensation Act, better known as Superfund. This act set the rules in place for how we would handle pollution from that point forward. The Superfund act was so broad and potentially punitive that, initially, the insurance world didn’t know how to react. Initial coverage was restricted but extremely expensive. Now that the industry has had 30 years in which to assess risk, we can offer broad, useful coverage programs at very reasonable premiums. According to Superfund regulations, almost every business has some environmental exposure. Today, there is virtually no reason to be exposed in this area.

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