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Employee Benefits

Weighing the Cost/Value of Employee Benefits

Businesses that offer a comprehensive employee benefits package are in a great position to recruit and keep the best employees. Although offering benefits may be considered a “salary sacrifice,” employees increasingly understand the significant monetary and other value of this aspect of employment. From the employee’s perspective, group insurance rates tend to be both significantly less expensive than individual rates as well as far easier to obtain. From your perspective as an employer, typically the more “lives” your business insures, the better your insurance rates.

Common employee benefits include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability

Most people equate the term “employee benefits” with a group life and/or health insurance policy, but our experienced staff can also help you find ways to:
Fund buy-sell agreements (using permanent or term life insurance polices)
Offer Key Person policies (where the owner or your company can be the beneficiary)
Offer collateral assignments for business loans (using life insurance)
And much more!

Let the professionals at Insurance, Inc. help you sort through the challenging array of benefit options and strategies. We have the insight to select options that make the most sense for you, your employees and your business.

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