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Insurance Inc is one of the few agencies in Maryland that employs their own “in house” claims manager, Bonnie Harrison.  Bonnie has more than 30 years of experience handling claims, and can be reached 24/7 in case a loss occurs.  Our claims department gets your claim in motion fast.  We can advise you as to the initial actions you might take and we follow up with the company to make sure the claims representative is on your claim promptly.
Do you need to report a claim?
Claims Contact information
Normal office hours, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (410) 753-1945 or toll free (800) 426-6220 x 7049
After hours, weekends and holidays: (443) 610-3147

Things you might need to make a claim:
  • Policy Number
  • Date of accident
  • Time of accident
  • Auto VIN No; (Can be found on your insurance ID card)
  • Description of accident
  • Details of damage
  • All available details on third party involved
  • Police officer's name
  • Police Report No.
  • If possible, on scene photographs of accident.
  • Policy Number
  • Date of loss/occurrence
  • Description of loss
  • All available details
  • Police officer's name (If applicable)
  • Police Report (If applicable)
Most claims have an associated form to be completed. We can speed up your claims process if you complete the relevant claim form and email it to Bonnie Harrison at or fax it to her attention at 
(410) 753-1899.


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